Dumpmaster – Standard Series Bin-Tippers

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Dumpmaster – Standard Series Bin-Tippers

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  • Height: 80 - 240 litre bins or even 80 - 360 litre bins
  • Capacity: Up to 250kg (or 300kg with small modifications)

Features and Benefits Include:

  • a very small ‘footprint’
  • a wide range of tipping heights (from 700mm to 6 metres or more).
  • Dumpmasters may be mounted on four castors with no loss of stability.
  • A huge weight capacity of up to 250kg (or 300kg with small modifications). If you can get the bin to it, a Dumpmaster will lift it!
  • The basic design can be modified to suit a wide range of bin sizes, shapes, and weights.
  • Standard Dumpmasters have a galvanised frame and cradle, and are virtually maintenance-free.
  • Standard drums and bins do not require clamping – simply place on the cradle and press the ‘Raise’ button.
  • Dumpmasters can be fitted with multi-purpose cradles which can empty wheelie bins of all standard sizes from 80 to 240 litre bins or even 80 to 360 litre bins with no adjustment.
  • Dumpmasters are Electric-Hydraulic bin tippers and are offered with a choice of 1-phase, 3-phase, battery or air-operated hydraulic power packs. (Note: Air-operated systems are generally for use in hazardous environments only)