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Easyroll supplies a range of conveyor equipment and services to the Perth WA area.

Our range of quality conveyor belt systems and conveyor solutions includes well-known brand names and quality products including gravity-, roller- and flexible wheel conveyors.

We supply conveyor rollers to the mining-, shiploading-, quarry and recycling sectors, as well as a range of other industries that require tailor-made conveying solutions. All our technicians and mechanics are well trained and experienced, and are able to provide the answers and solutions required to adequately gauge your conveyor equipment needs.

We supply a range of conveyors, including:

Gravity conveyors

Gravity conveyors are conveyors that use gravity to move items, usually with the help of wheels or rollers. A gravity conveyor can move an object without any powered sources at all. This is usually performed when moving something down an incline or by means of a person pushing the load along a flat conveyor. These conveyors are normally less expensive and provide an ergonomic way to move materials.

Roller conveyors

A rollerconveyor system consists of a series of cylindrical tubes that are spaced apart evenly and move by pushing the load from tube to tube. These tubes are called rollers. In a powered roller conveyor, the rollers are set in motion by an electric motor; in a gravity roller conveyor, the rollers are put in motion by the weight of the object.
We have installed some massive roller coaster-like conveyor systems for big industrial companies and we can supply smaller systems to suit less demanding jobs as well.

Moving & grooving with Easyroll conveyor solutions. Contact us to get your business moving with our conveyors.