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Adjustable Feet

Adjustable Feet & A-Justa-Foot

Easyroll is a family-owned WA company that stocks one of the largest ranges of Adjustable Feet in Perth. Our A-Justa-Foot feet are made to meet strict safety and quality standards and are used extensively in the mining- and construction industries, and also recommended for a range of workshop applications.

Easyroll has built an impressive reputation for supplying quality merchandise, and WA residents flock to our premises to buy Materials Handling products of all descriptions.

The A-JUSTA-FOOT is a multi-adjustable pedestal foot, ideal for industrial, commercial, workshop or food industry applications

A-JUSTA-FOOT is available in a large variety of sizes

Our Adjustable Feet are used in production, mining and across a range of industries including:

  • Offshore oil & gas rigs
  • Oil refineries
  • Mining sites
  • Energy companies
  • Gas industries
  • Workshops
  • Warehouses
  • Factories

Choose from our high quality range of  Adjustable Feet :

  • Ball jointed adjustable feet
  • Bolt down adjustable feet
  • Fixed adjustable feet
  • Round threaded tube ends
  • Square threaded tube ends
  • Square inserts
  • Round inserts
  • Expanding tube inserts

Contact us to check out a range of Adjustable Feet Australia can be proud of.