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Container Castors

Container Casters with Twist Locks

Insert one in each corner casting to make your container mobile.

Castors available from 2 Tonne and up to 7.5 Tonne rated per wheel

Castor wheel diameters range from 200mm up to 400mm

The container castors as available as a Fixed, Swivel or Swivel Braking

The dovetail Twist Locks are welded onto the top plate of the castor and then lock securely into each corner of the sea container

Easyroll’s container castors provides a high strength swivel section that will swivel easily under heavy loads.

All Castors come with precision bearings

Polyurethane wheels feature a higher capacity material than rubber, longer wear, and will not damage your floors like cast iron or steel.

Please contact us for more info, specs and pricing

Container Caster with Polyurethane Wheel  article imageVK-Rollen 10.000 KG ISO container corner castor set of 4 swivel castors